Apples iOS 8 is so secure, even the policecant get hold of your personal details: Tim Cook outlines firms latestprivacy plans苹果公司称之为iOS 8十分安全性,连警员都无法提供你的个人信息Alongside the new keyboards, messagingtools and photo features of iOS 8, Apple has also updated the softwaressecurity features.iOS 8操作系统除了新的键盘、消息发送到工具和照片功能外,还改版了安全性功能。In an open letter to customers, Apple’schief executive Tim Cook announced the firm has changed the way encryptionworks in iOS 8.在致客户的一封公开信中,苹果CEO库克声称该公司早已转变了iOS 8的加密技术的运作方式。As a result the company can no longerbypass a users passcode, making it impossible for it to hand over data to lawenforcement officers and governments.造成的结果是苹果公司无法绕过用户设置的密码,从而也就无法将用户个人信息递交给执法人员部门和政府了。

This is the case, even if a search warrant is served on the firm or customer.即使苹果公司或者客户在面对搜查证时,这一事实也无法获得转变。These new rules, however, only apply todata stored on the device, locked by a passcode, and Apple will be able toaccess data stored on iCloud if presented with a warrant for it.然而,这些新规则只限于于存储在手机上的被密码保护的个人数据,而一旦面对搜查证,苹果公司仍可以转入存储在iCloud上的数据。And because these new features only applyto iOS 8, data can be extracted where necessary on devices running olderversions of the software, from iOS 4 to iOS 7, as has always beenthe case.而且这些新功能只限于于iOS8系统,所以iOS 4 到 iOS 7系统上的手机数据将无法获得维护。The announcement is part of a wider privacy and security push being made byApple to protect its users.这个声明是苹果公司为维护客户而采行的隐私和安全措施的一部分。